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Coaches and Team Reps,

Welcome to the Holy Name Icebreaker Tournament.  We are pleased to outline some general information and playing rules on the following pages.  PLEASE READ the following information and familiarize yourself with our playing rules, tiebreaker procedures, and other special rules in the tournament, especially our zero-tolerance policies.  YOU are responsible for understanding and making sure your team and parents comply with the rules so as not to penalize

your team. 


1.     TOURNAMENT TABLE: All teams must have a Head Coach or Team Rep sign-in prior to each game.  They must leave their hotel phone number or cell phone number in the event a Tournament Committee member needs to advise you of events that may arise. 

It is the Head Coach or Team Rep’s responsibility to notify his team of changes that occur at the tournament.  NOTE: ONLY PLAYERS APPEARING ON YOUR TOURNMANET/USA HOCKEY ROSTER MAY PLAY IN TOURNAMENT GAMES.  SEE THE PLAYING RULES FOR ELIBILITY.

2.     LOCKER ROOMS: The Team Rep or Coach listed on your roster will be provided a locker room key at the Tournament table.  Locker room assignments can be found in Tournament Table.  Car keys are required to secure a locker room key, and ONLY those individuals listed above can obtain one.  Locker rooms must be vacated within 20 minutes of your completed game and the door locked upon exit.  Car keys will be returned only after your locker room is inspected by a tournament or ink official for cleanliness, empty of all players, and key to the room is returned.  Damages will be assessed and the responsibility to any team for defacing or damaging the locker room or locker room area or bathrooms.

3.     GAME SHEETS: Game sheets will be at the tournament table at each rink prior to the start of each game. Each coach or team manager is responsible for filling out the roster with the registered players. You must list coaches, along with CEP number, and indicate

“HC” next to the head coach’s name. Please print, and sign the form prior to handing it back in. All game sheets must be filled out at the tournament table. Teams failing to complete or sign the game sheet, therefore causing a delay of game will be assessed a delay of game penalty at the start of the first period.

4.     CONFLICT OF SHIRT COLORS: In the event that two teams have the same color or very similar color shirts, the Home team has the option of wearing their home or away jerseys.

5.     START TIME/GAME LENGTH: All attempts will be made to start games on time. All games will be played to completion, regardless of mercy rule. Due to mercy rules and other factors, teams MUST BE READY TO PLAY 30 MINUTES BEFORE the

scheduled start time. Delays in the first face off shall be subtracted from the time of the first period and a delay of game penalty may be assessed to the team causing the delay at the discretion of the tournament official assigned to the game. Round Robin Games will be played in three, 12-minute period lengths. “Mercy” rules will apply as outlined in the Playing Rules section.

6.     TIME OUTS: NO time outs are allowed during the round robin portion of the tournament. Each team will be allowed ONE time out (60 Seconds) in the Championship Game only, which can be taken at any time during the game.

7.     PENALTY BOX ATTENDANTS: If you desire to have penalty box attendants, then an ADULT volunteer recommended by the head coach will be allowed to enter the penalty box area for the sole purposes of opening and closing the penalty box door. These volunteers may make NO COACHING or other comments or the referee will remove the individual from the box and a misconduct penalty will be assessed to the volunteer’s team. Volunteers assume all risk of injury or any slips or falls on the ice and the Tournament will expressly not be liable for any injury.

8.     TEAM AND ACTION PHOTOS: During the games, action photos of players will be only taken by the tournament photographer. These Photos will be displayed and available for purchase in the Olympia lobby only. At no time will anyone, other than tournament photographer, be allowed on a team bench, penalty box or on the ice after or during the game to take pictures. This is a safety issue and will be strictly enforced. Failure to comply could cause expulsion from the rink and/or the tournament.




1.     All games will be played under USA HOCKEY rules, except where amended by these Tournament Playing Rules. Referees have been assigned by the scheduler from the Mass Hockey District 6 referees, and have been approved by the District 6 referee in chief. All referees are USA Hockey. Please note that the tournament committee will not tolerate abuse of officials and the referees on the ice will have the discretion to call bench penalties for any abuse of officials by fans, parents, or team officials. Abuse penalties called at the end of a game will carry over to the start of your next tournament game. All team officials, players, parents, and fans must follow the “ZERO TOLERANCE” rule listed in the current USA Hockey Rulebook.

2.     TEAM AND PLAYER QUALIFICATION: A team is qualified to play a tournament game if (a) the team and all players have been registered before the first game and the team is USA Hockey registered; (b) the tournament registration fee has been paid in full in advance; (c) any suspended coaches or players are not allowed in the locker room, on

the bench, or otherwise involved in the game; (d) players on the roster and game sheet are eligible to play. The score of any game where an ineligible player is utilized shall be reversed if the penalized team has won the game; (e) Age criteria for each bracket will follow USA Hockey brackets. Every player must compete in a minimum of 2 Round Robin Games to be eligible to compete in a Championship game.

3.     MAXIMUM NUMBER OF PLAYERS: A team may register a maximum of 20 players for the tournament including goaltenders and may register a maximum of four (4) team officials. No additional players may be registered once the team roster has been given to the Tournament Director prior to the first game.

4.     GAME SCHEDULES AND TIMING: Wall Charts will reflect all games; approximate starting times and standings at each rink. Please note that every attempt will be made to adhere to the schedule, however the Tournament Director may have to make changes once the tournament begins. Accordingly, team managers and coaches are responsible to CONFIRM each game time with the tournament table prior to leaving the arena between games.

a.     Games will commence with a three (3) minute warm-up, which shall begin as soon as the Zamboni doors close. The timekeeper will determine the warm-up by sounding the buzzer at its conclusion. Teams not ready will FORFEIT warm up time. Teams are not allowed on the ice until doors to Zamboni have been closed.

b.     Pee wee through midgets will utilize the 15 second line change. 5 seconds for visitors, 5 more seconds for home and then 5 more to lineup. Puck drops 15 seconds after the stoppage of play.

c.     Teams must be ready to play 30 minutes before the start of the scheduled game due to mercy rules and other factors. This means in the locker room, skates laced,

Holy Name ICEBREAKER Tournament General Information and Tournament Playing Rules Page 4 of 6 –Revised 11/13/2018 and ready to take the ice in all respects. Any delays at any time will be subtracted form the time of the first period and a delay of game penalty may be assessed to the team causing the delay.

5.     GAME LENGTHS/PENALTIES: All games will be played with three, 12-minute periods. There will be no overtime for round robin games. No time outs are allowed in round robin games, but one is allowed in the championship game (60 seconds) at any time. 

a.     Infraction/Penalty Time Served 

b.     Minor: 1 and ½ minutes

c.     Major: 4 minutes 

d.     Misconduct: 6 minutes 

e.     Game Misconduct: Balance of that game plus next game 

f.      Penalty calls may NOT be appealed. Game officials are designated as referees, timekeepers, and tournament officials.

6.     For Championship games only, overtime will be played to sudden death as follows: 4 vs. 4 for five minutes and then 3 vs. 3 for five minutes if needed to declare a winner, then a shootout will ensue if the game is still tied after the 3 vs. 3. Rules for the shootout are as follows: Each team will be given three chances. The team who scores the most goals in the three chances is declared the winner. Prior to the start of the Championship game, each team must declare 3 shooters and 1 goalie, which must be on the ice at the start of the game and so designated on the score sheet. The coach must also designate first and second alternates (That must be on the ice at the start of the game) in case an injury to one the three designated players occurs during the game. The coach will have the opportunity to designate a replacement, and note that player on the game sheet as a “Replacement for injured player number *” the referee must be notified and witness the change on the game sheet.


If the shootout is tied after three chances, an alternating shootout will ensue, whereby each team is given one shot until a winner is determined Example: Team A will shoots then team B. If team A shoots and scores team B will have one opportunity to score. If team B fails the games is over and team A is the winner. If Team B scores then the round will repeat.

Note; the shootout will continue in the same fashion and no player will be allowed to take more than 1 shot until all 3 identified players have been utilized. 

Penalties during the 4 vs. 4 O.T will be enforced and a shorthanded situation will occur. Team will not go below three players at any time. The 3 vs. 3 must be maintained unless a penalty occurs whereby the penalty will be enforced and the non-offending team will add an additional player to the ice to create a 4 vs. 3 situations. Standard rules will apply for the penalty and the player will re-enter the ice when time on penalty has expired. When the next stoppage in play occurs (provided no other penalties have been called) the 3 vs. 3 play will continue.

7.     MERCY RULES: A “mercy rule” shall apply as follows: If 5 goals separate the teams at the end of the second period or at any time during the third period, running time shall commence and shall revert back to stop time if the difference becomes less than 5 goals. Penalties will be running time during mercy rules. When penalty is assessed, clock will be stopped to post time and restarted upon the drop of the puck.

8.     SCORING AND RATING TEAMS/ TIEBREAKERS: All wins shall count for two

points, ties for one point, and a loss for zero points. Teams ranking the highest will play in the championship game. If teams are tied for the ranked position, the following tiebreaker formula shall apply:

a.     Head to Head

b.     Goals Allowed

c.     Goal Differential

d.     Head to Head Goal Differential

e.     Goals Scored

f.      Coin Flip

9.     EJECTIONS AND SUSPENSIONS: Apart from normal rules and penalties, referees may eject a player or team official from the game for the penalties listed below. Suspensions will be assessed by the Tournament Director according to the following criteria:


§  Major Game Misconduct Balance of that game plus next game 

§  Fighting Balance of tournament (Fighting will not be tolerated) 

§  Any Four (4) Penalties Balance of game; second offense out of tournament 

§  Intent to Injure Balance of game and ALL remaining games 

§  Abuse of Official Balance of game and ALL remaining games

NOTE: TEAM OFFICIALS and HEAD COACHES must keep control of its team and fans.

10.  Handshakes at the end of games shall occur at the discretion of the referees or tournament officials.

Mite Rules

  • Intermediate sized nets will be used
  • Teams will play half ice
  • Teams will play 4x4 with a goalie, a total of 5 players per team on the ice at a time, a team is allowed to “pull” their goalie for 5 players
  • 2 minute warmup
  • 26 minute running time periods, horn will sound approximately every 2 minutes for line changes
  • minute between periods
  • Teams will change sides/ends to start new period
  • A faceoff will take place to start each period and at the beginning of each shift. The goal is to keep the pace of play moving quickly and minimize down time. Refs will drop puck once they have 1 player from each team ready to faceoff regardless of other players position on ice.
  • After a goal is scored the referee will take out a puck behind or to the side of the net and take the puck out of the net after the play gets moving. The referee will back up the other team to the hash marks.
  • Once the goalie covers the puck from a save, puck starts to the side of or behind net. The official will back the attacking team closer to hash marks and play will resume.
  • Penalties will be called on a blatant penalty that has a major effect on the play. If a penalty is called, a penalty shot is awarded to the impacted team. Any player from the ice can take the penalty shot which starts from center ice. The player must constantly advance forward and not stop at any point. Following the shot, the play is dead. The defensive team will start with the puck behind/side of the net with the attacking team retreating to center ice.
  • Scorekeeping- the timekeeper will be keeping score, but coaches should amicably keep the score as game progresses to ensure no discrepancy.
  • Referees should have extra pucks available to keep pace of play moving if a puck goes over boards or as needed.
  • The referee can stop the game to restore order, call a penalty on a coach, or eject a fan.


  • Tiebreaker will follow the same rules as the entire Icebreaker Tournament. Over boards or as needed.

·      The referee can stop the game to restore order, call a penalty on a coach, or eject a fan. 

·      Tiebreaker will follow the same rules as the entire Icebreaker Tournament.