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Learn-To-Skate Program

The first LTS session for the 2022-2023 season will occur on Sunday, October 16th at 10:30AM!

Registration will be available very soon! Please sign up on the registration tab on the left hand side of the HNH website- "Register Online". 

 Please note you need to register for USA Hockey as well.

For any questions please contact Chris Orszulak at cmorszulak@kbw.com

Are you considering a Learn-To-Skate program? You will find our registration on the left hand toolbar on the Home Page titled "Register Online" (link under LearnTo Skate on Top Toolbar is down).

We hit the ice on Rink #2 at W. Springfield's Olympia Ice Arena every Sunday from 10:30-11:30 am (Sturdy and Take-off Stars) and 11:30 am-12:30 pm (Amazing and Ready-for-Action Stars). Browse photo galleries to see the events from last year's program. Also go to the "team" link above and select LEARN-TO-SKATE and see the news from this year's Learn-to-Skate program already underway.

It's never too late to sign up since the program continues through March for only $99! We hope you'll join us! 

Learn-To-Skate Testimonials

Learn-To-Skate Photo Gallery

Holy Name Hockey Association is an organization created solely by volunteers to provide a safe and challenging athletic environment to the youth it serves. We have developed a Learn to Skate Program like none in the area that focuses on keeping your child motivated and helps them to progress. Our STAR program will help them develop their skills on the ice and is designed to keep this beginning stage fun and exciting.  Read on to find out some exciting details about our STAR program. 


Our STAR program has earned the honor of being awarded the Mike Cheever Grant from Massachusetts Hockey.  This grant is given to those organizations and programs dedicated to being innovative in the quest to grow hockey in the state of Massachusetts.  We are excited to be a leader in developing a new approach to Learn-to-Skate/Learn-to-Play programs!  We are the only program in the area to have earned this distinction. 


At Holy Name –we have develop a program that uses a building block theory to develop muscle memory, confidence in doing drills and provides a safe environment from which to learn.

S= Starter Phase

1. Walkers- This plastic frame helps any beginner or child that may not comfortable to learn balance and become accustomed to being on the ice. Wearing a helmet, kneepads and elbow pads they will be taught how to fall and get back up, walk with a walker on skates, slowly glide while using the walker, and play some games that utilize the walker ( ie walker hockey with tennis ball). 

T= Take Off Phase

2. Post Walkers- After a few weeks, some Children may feel more confident and decide to try skating without the assistance of a walker. They are now able to stand on their own skates. These children will practice starting and stopping (using snowplow methods) and controlled skating. Don’t be surprised if your child is in this level for a while, mastering the control of their skates is important! Remember this is called LEARN TO SKATE – and we spend several weeks working on this phase.

A= Advanced Phase

3. This level will encompass the mastery of certain techniques. Most learn-to-skate programs only include three levels and combine this and the previous level together. We feel it is important for children to feel that level of success that comes with advanced skills. Skating backwards, stopping, beginning-crossovers, some increased speed and an increased level of control. We spend additional time on this area because our next level will introduce hockey sticks and pucks.

R= Ready Phase

4. This level will introduce hockey sticks and pucks. Beginning hockey-type drills will be used to advance your child’s skating abilities and introduce the sport of hockey. Crossover drills, stopping with parallel blades, beginning puck-handling, and even some shots on goal will be included. Towards the end of this level, your child will play some simulated Mini-Mite hockey games, where teams will be separated and children will work together to carry the puck and score goals. The focus is always fun!

At the end of the year, your child will receive a USA Hockey Certificate & a medal to show their participation and advancement in the learn-to-skate program. Throughout the year we will have special events to include a photographer taking Individual Pictures, a family skate & visit from Santa in December and much more.

This will be a fun experience for you and your child. We encourage you to get involved NOTE** If a parent or caregiver would like to assist their child they MUST wear skates and a helmet…the only requirement is you must have a HECC approved helmet based on USA Hockey rules.. Any additional family members (siblings, etc.) must get verbal approval from the Director of LTS before entering ice. Our focus is SAFETY! For the children as well as for you!


Please contact the Program Coordinator or any of the board members if you have questions, problems, or concerns.

If you feel your child is ready to take that next step to Mini-Mite Hockey, ask one of our on-ice coordinators. Coaches will be able to evaluate your son/daughter to help you decide where to place them during these formative years.

On behalf of the Holy Name Hockey Association's Board of Directors - we’d like to thank you for considering Holy Name Hockey for your children's learning environment.