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The Holy Name Hockey Association strives to create an environment where all players have the opportunity to develop a passion and appreciation for ice hockey through individual skill development, teamwork, competitive play and camaraderie.

With this mission statement in mind, the Holy Name Board believes that the primary goal of our Player Evaluation is to objectively and thoroughly assess a player’s overall hockey ability with the intent of placing each on a team most appropriate for his/her current skill level and competitiveness. This selective grouping of the teams is vital to a young player’s individual hockey development since it allows the child to be rightly challenged but also provides opportunities for more frequent on-ice successes. It is important for our members to know that a player’s present team placement does not guarantee a “spot” on the same level team the following season. Attendance at all the skills and scrimmage sessions is strongly encouraged.
The evaluation process is made up of two components:

Skills Sessions: Players at each age level will be observed performing a number of drills in order to evaluate their individual hockey skills. During the skills session(s), evaluators will score each player’s ability to perform a task with a 1 (limited), 3 (acceptable) or 5 (highly proficient) score. These skills will include skating (forward and backward), stick handling, shooting, passing/receiving, and various combinations of each. All coaches and parents will have access to these drills prior to evaluations.

“Game Action” Scrimmages: The evaluator’s primary aim is to identify the impact each child has in a game situation, whether it’s played 3 on 3 cross ice, 4 on 4 half ice or 5 on 5 full ice. Some attributes that contribute to a player’s “impact” include: hockey skills, instincts (are they around the puck at the appropriate time?), speed and hustle, proper spacing on the ice, team play (fore/back checking, passing to open teammates, puck support) and aggressiveness. During the “game action” sessions, evaluators will be tasked with grouping the players into 2 to 4 teams according to their game-playing attributes.

This data is then tabulated and the Evaluation Committee uses this information to form teams.


 Mini-Mites (’07 ’08, LTS)                Mites (’05 and ’06)                          Squirts (’03 & ’04)                            
3/25 Olympia Rink 1 @4:30p          3/25 Olympia Rink 1 @5:40p          3/25 Olympia Rink 3 @6:00p
                                                         3/26 Olympia Rink 1 @4:30p          3/26 Olympia Rink 1 @5:40p         
                                                         3/27 Olympia Rink 3 @4:40p          3/27 Olympia Rink 2 @5:00p         
                                                         3/29 Olympia Rink 2 @5:00p          3/29 Olympia Rink 1 @5:40p         
Pee Wee (’01 & ’02)                           Bantam (’99 & ’00)                       Squirt, Pee Wee and Bantam Goaltenders*
3/25 Olympia Rink 2 @5:00p          3/25 Olympia Rink 1 @6:50p          3/26 Olympia Rink 3 @6:30p
3/27 Olympia Rink 3 @5:50p          3/27 Olympia Rink 2 @7:20p
3/28 Olympia Rink 2 @5:00p          3/28 Olympia Rink 3 @8:00p
3/29 Olympia Rink 1 @4:30p           


You MUST register online at holynamehockey.org prior to your first evaluation skate.
*An undecided player/goalie should evaluate as a skater for the skills sessions, evaluate as a goalie for the Goaltenders skills session, and then evaluate as a skater for one scrimmage session and a goalie for the other scrimmage session. A player/goalie will be placed on the lower level depending on how s/he evaluates. Meaning, if s/he evaluates as “A” goalie and “B” skater. S/he will be placed on the “B” team.
Thank you and see you at the rink.


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