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Olympia’s Time Clock

CLOCK SET-Press the CLOCK SET button on the left first. Then press the time in on the keypad as mm.00. For Example- Pre Game Warm Up would be 0300 enter. 

PERIOD- Press the PERIOD button and then hit 1, 2 or 3 on the keypad then enter. 

PENALTY- Press HOME PENALTY or VISITOR PENALTY then press the +1 button on the bottom near the number keypad. Press the players jersey number then enter. 

SCORE- Press HOME SCORE or VISITOR SCORE then press the number on the number keypad then enter. For Example if it’s the third goal press #3 

TIME- When the referee drops the puck you flip the toggle switch to start the time. When the referee blows the whistle you flip the switch the other way to stop the time. At the end of the period the horn will blow automatically. You need to flip the toggle to turn the horn off. 

CLEAR OR CORRECT PENALTY- Press HOME PENALTY or VISITOR PENALTY, enter player number then enter. Penalty will appear on the LCD display. Press enter again to cancel the penalty for that player # or enter the new time on the keypad to correct a penalty then enter.


Download Copy of Instructions